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More on the Capitol Visitor Center

Matt Spalding has visited the said Center and is appalled by what it does to the Constitution: "This exhibit is Congress’ temple to liberals’ ’living Constitution,’ the eternal font of lawmakers’ evolving mandate to achieve the nation’s ideals. There are no fixed meanings in their version, only open-ended ’aspirations.’ The Constitution is an empty vessel, to be adapted to the times, as required to bring change. It means nothing - or anything."   

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How dare they selectively quote the Northwest Ordinance. The regime is doomed!

at least Harry Reid won't have to smell the

The Capitol Visitor Center would appear to have been designed by Congress. Perhaps Heritage's new building can house a more appropriate Visitor Center.

I will smell any tourist at any time. Mark it down.

I have heard that there are lots of pagan gods and goddesses, but no mention of Christianity. The basic theme of the place is that all things come from the government. Keep laughing and they keep pushing. His slant of calling this a liberal conspiracy is falt out wrong, if you must call what is put forth by this center liberalism then nearly all the government, especially Bush is liberal and I don't mean the Ashland University distiction of "clasical liberal." Someone please tell me how to laugh at this and take it likely. I really want to believe everything is all right and that the government is good. Please tell me what I have to do to think this way, even if I have to go to room 101. Thank you for posting this.

Spalding's being 'appalled' meant nothing to me. His comments on the architectural shortcomings of the new center, when compared to the other monuments, were negated by conservatives calling to 'drill baby drill' everywhere. So the first requirement would be to set up oil rigs and gas wells right on the mall. Conservatives contempt for nature carries over and negates their calls for the preservation of some 'aura' with regard to monuments.

Ren: Drilling the desert of Utah, boy that's environmental contempt; the tundra of Alaska, oh-no. The places where energy has and is proposed to be developed are mostly wastland. Few animals and fewer humans are effected.

If you want to make a difference, I suggest tearing down your home, which is probably in a more temperate area in which animals, plants and the "environment" should be living.

Spalding: "The Capitol is a noble monument to American liberty. The neoclassical architecture is meant to be approached from afar. We are supposed to walk up vast flights of stairs to enter a magnificent rotunda, inspired to reflect on the grandeur of our self-governing republic."

Wouldn't a more fitting symbol of "liberty" be the table where the Declaration was signed? The Capitol is an aggrandizing monument to people who make laws for money. It's "vast" alright, and cost way too much to operate. If the Congress cared about liberty, they'd meet in a spot on the mall, in plain sight, and make their laws. Tourists would love that!

ren, you forgot about McDonald's! When making cool contemptous assumptions about conservatives really preferring the sight of an oil rig to the Washington monument, always include a line about McDonald's. You could talk about how consistent conservatives would demand the shipping of the effeminate Library of Congress off to Vegas, to be replaced with a ten-storey, Super-Sized McDonald's. Or, you could say they'd really like install a McDonald's stand in the national archives building where the Declaration is kept, so everyone who sees the old document could be immediately asked, "Would you like fries with that?" Or, how 'bout hitting 'em with the image of a massive golden arches bestriding the entire Mall, from Captiol Hill to the Lincoln Memorial? Oh, and don't forget Walmart! Lots of underutilized commerical space on that Mall...say that consistent conservative would really like to put one across from the National Gallery, that's the ticket.

This abonination had to have started in a republican controlled congress and continued in a democratic one. How is this even a right vs. left question. the words divide and conquer do not do the state of this contry justice.

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