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Obama as Transformer

Charles Krauthammer, unfortunately, is probably right about the opportunity Mr. Obama has: "Obama was quite serious when he said he was going to change the world. And now he has a national crisis, a personal mandate, a pliant Congress, a desperate public -- and, at his disposal, the greatest pot of money in galactic history." Krauthammer calls the opportunity Obama has in front of him "the community organizer’s ultimate dream." It will make the New Deal look like pre-school.  

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Charles is right, of course.

Where does the money come from? Is money any longer tied to anything, or does our government just conjure it? "700 billions", "lunch money" - what is a "pot of money" when it seems to be imaginary value, not anything that could be potted. I think "fiat money"; we just say what is money and agree on it and it so. My children swipe a card and get stuff for the swiping. "Do you want a receipt?" What for? I don't even understand the transaction. Am I just too old?

Hey, at least he SAYS (TBD) he'll be paying for his programs with actual money, albeit by raising taxes. Our last president faked "fiscal conservatism" by increasing spending A LOT and then cutting his main revenue source, taxes. DUH! If you want to spend it, you better have it to spend at the start.

I had always presumed that in terms of cartoons Obama was more of a "Bob the Builder" than a Transformer.

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