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Senator Jeb Bush?

Now that Florida Mel Martinez has announced his retirement, it is reported that Jeb Bush is considering a run. I bet he will run.

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And I bet I won't vote for him...or anyone else named Bush ever again. Burn me once, shame on you...burn me twice...well, that'd be THREE!

A bird from your hand is worth three of the Bush('s)? The back of my mind has been trying, (all morning, darn it,) to come up with some mocking reply to your silly ad hominem, a reductio ad Bushiam, for crying out loud, Redwald. One Bush does not equal another, as I wish the Republican Party had remembered in 1999. Though who else we were going to elect to the office who was better, more conservative, whatever, is the question left for history. I do not recall anyone who delighted my sensibilities at the time. Still, a Bush by any other name would smell as foul? I do not think so.

I am glad Jeb Bush is "pondering" this run. The name recognition factor will do him no good at all in a national election, but if Florida likes him, (are you from Florida?) all well and good. Not to have him run would be a waste of good political talent.

Nothing silly about it, Kate. All members of the Bush clan revere public service...indeed, they are great believers in the use of government to solve problems. This means, of course, that they are incompetent bearers of Reagan's (small government) flame.

I might also add, haven't you seen enough? Old man Bush gave us Clinton, and now GW gives us Obama and an eviscerated GOP. This family is hell on the conservative movement and its vehicle, the Republican Party. Enough already!

I look at my sons, five of them, and no one of them is like the other, nor are any of them truly like their father. We take men on their own merits. What, specifically, have you got against Jeb Bush?

Uhh, Redwald, do you vote in Florida?

I do. Jeb was a rather popular governor. Saving term limits he'd probably STILL be governor.

If you don't, you probably don't know all that much about why WE might like or dislike him as OUR Senator.

Why the Senate run so soon? I would think he would want to unwind at the CFR for a while. Wait for the people at Brookings to do their thing running the Obama administration while his handlers prime him to run as the anti-Obabma candidate in eight years.

Folks, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. This family has been ruinous for the Reagan Revolution, and I'm certainly not alone in refusing to vote for another Bush...say what you will.

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