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The Crisis of the New Order, III

How regulation hurts U.S. infrastructure. Even the Brookings Institute sees the problem:

One of the biggest killers of all is that states insist on allocating federal transportation funds through a politically devised formula. The result? Smooth, well-paved rural highways and worn-out urban roadways that are paved with a layer of asphalt too thin to withstand heavy use and are therefore in need of excessive, costly maintenance. . . .

It takes the nation’s busiest airports decades and billions of dollars to build new runways, for example, because of onerous regulations imposed by the Federal Aviation Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. Davis-Bacon mandates, which effectively require that "prevailing" union wages (often much higher than the actually prevailing market wage) be paid to workers on any construction project receiving federal funds, also drive up the costs of roads and other federal transport projects. The Federal Transit Act also makes it extremely expensive to lay off transit employees.

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Close to the issue, but it is hidden anongst the anti union talk. The real issue is that regulation is designed to make our lives worse so we will accept the loss of our nation in favor or a tyranical corporate world government. This agenda hides behind anti-terror or environmental hyperbole, but its the same agenda. Give me a reason why i am wrong.

In general, I think you are wrong because your notion would require a conspiracy of thousands+...and that just never happens. Regulations are created by bored (if well-meaning) bureaucrats, and these regulations quickly acquire interest groups who profit from them in some way. For instance, the Davis-Bacon act forces government to pay the "prevailing wage" in any given location, and this is generally set (or at least influenced) by inflated union wages. We don't need to look far to see the interest structure there...and it isn't the taxpayer.

In general, until a country can be founded with a constitution that FORBIDS governmental social engineering, we are stuck with the current system of abuses (on both sides, both capitalist and liberal-democratic).

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