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On the premise that conservatives underestimate the importance of popular culture in the preservation of freedom, Andrew Breitbart today launches Big Hollywood. It promises to offer more than simple criticism of the current popular culture. There’s no shortage of that coming from conservatives, after all. What Breitbart aims to do is nothing less than to "change the entertainment industry" and to return Hollywood "back to its patriotic roots." I applaud this aim. The title of his announcement, "A Million Stories to Tell" says more, I think, than the announcement itself. America is teeming with fascinating and inspiring stories and characters that today lack the genius of a truly American storyteller. A truly great American artist is one who, like Twain, can admire, can scoff but--in the end--find what is finally lovable and worthy in his friends and fellow citizens. Here’s hoping for an American Renaissance of this sort.

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Yes, we need truly great american storytellers, for 'real' america. And we need to begin investigating the un-american storytellers for their un-american activities, and go back to the good old blacklisting days when we could tell the difference.

Or how about Mark Cuban getting yanked off the street for some insider trading right before he bank rolled the theater release of Loose Change Final cut, which he is not doing now. Mabye I just made the argument for blacklisting. As for Hollywood, much of it can be better understood if you ever read Chrichton's novel State of Fear. Celebrities like to be told they are great and there are many people willing to do that in exchange for money. The whole, we are ahead of the curb thing, is laughable. Or mabye they are ahead of the curb in their ability to groupthink and believe in the outright lies like global warming.

The silly vanilla leftist celebrity aside, America has changed since the glory days of hollywood. I think we first must come to terms with this before we cast judgement on those who no longer belive it is the same wonderful place. The constant optimisim is okay for self help books, but come on. Of course you can always find something you like about America even if you have to resort to geography, but saying at least we still have this and at least we aren't like them is a horrible philosophy. Keep saying at least long enough till the New Think kicks in and then you can say its good that we don't have the right to not have warrantless searches and checkpoints. Its good that I pay income taxes to a private bank. Its good that the governmnet treats me as an ememy. I might be one and not even know it untill they come and pick me up. Think of how much more secure we would be afterwards. We need to get these thought criminals before they ever manifest their evil ideas like liberty is not taking my shoes off in an airport. Silly thought criminal, must have been brainwashed by Goldstien. Freedom is Slavery.

Ren, do you know of anyone who was "blacklisted" who wasn't a Commie?

But if you've a prob with "blacklisting," what's your attitude towards what's going on in American universities, where more often than not, conservative academics need not apply.

Where's the outrage Ren?

Or what's your position on what's going on in Hollywood, where guys who contributed funds regarding Proposition 8 are being forced out of their job, because they're deemed to be on the wrong side of that issue.

Does a Lefty, a LEFTY OF ALL PEOPLE, REALLY want to broach the subject of blacklisting, when arguably, America is currently enduring a period of unprecedented blacklisting, and all of it done by the Left, to advance the agenda of the Left. Why would any Lefty really want to broach that subject at the present time, when so much of their cultural influence is maintained and advanced by fellow Lefties who are blacklisting in the media, the universities, the arts, publishing and Hollywood.

Cut us a break Ren.

Why not start a new year's resolution. Namely, you're going to cease firing off glib asides from the cheap seats. And another thing, cut the moral grandstanding.

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