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Brother Bill Redux?

Jimmy Carter had his brother Billy to embarrass him in the 1970s, culminating with the production of Billy Beer (I still have a six pack). Well, Obama’s half-brother George has just been arrested for marijuana possession in Kenya.

Can we look forward to "George’s Ganja" at some point as the update of Billy Beer?

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Here's hoping. It would certainly be an improvement.

Why did people think Billy Beer was going to be worth something, my grandpa kept a can of it in his basement. I am actually surprised that you can get picked up for pot in Africa. I would think with the constant genocides, starvation, World bank/UN meddleing that they would not have the resources to bust someone for such a small crime. How long will it be before Limbaugh picks up the theme of drugs fund terror and says Obama's brother is pro terror. Mabye, as a recovering smack addict, he will avoid this topic. BTW, I heard that since we got into Afganistan the poppy production has increased astronomicly. Mabye they will open a drug futures market and we can all share in the profits, so much for the war on drugs.

Obama's aunt is an illegal alien living in the US and on the dole.

If that's not embarrassing then some stuff about his half-brother in Kenya is not going to do it.

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