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Health Care Is Being Nationalized

...while no one is watching. Someone might complain about the absence of a national debate, and that it’s not being done in a particularly sensible way. Some are commenting about the parallels with the early days of the Reagan revolution, but a difference is the command the Democrats have over Congress.

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Did we really expect anything else? Maybe we hoped. Anyway, I hoped. (Please, notice the use of the past tense.) I just dread the fact that when reality bites our president, it will also bite all of us.

I keep wanting to avert my eyes. Peter Lawler, you say no one is watching, but we conservatives are really all watching, horrified at our lack of political strength. We do know where to look for the bad news, don't we? We can see, and knowing what is happening... big deal, can we do anything about it? A "stimulus" package, what a joke, wherein only fourteen cents of every dollar committed can actually be related to stimulating the economy and the rest is - what?- who can stand to look at it? What a nasty sausage.

I find I can't bring myself to comment to the many posts on here, which range from the outraged to the bemused, on each daily outrage. Clearly, much can be said, but there seems to be nothing to be done. The People elected the people who are running things, now. As the president said, he won. We must shift, but I see no comfortable place to shift ourselves to. To keep complaining without having effect seems like one long whine.

There is more than the difference of the Democrats in command in Congress to the early days of the Reagan revolution. Back then, the media looked on and spoke of Reagan as a madman. They do not even speak of the Speaker as madwoman, though she appears quite out of control. Obama is their great revolutionary visionary guy. I do not know about you, but his vision is not at all clear to me. I do see him pointing out the direction he wants to go and think that way madness lies.

Never mind. I will look forward to the next post on how great America is and how we will survive even all we see happening to it. My eyes just gobble articles on the fundamental strength of the American economy and the fundamental goodness and independence of the average American. Someone write another bright promise, please.

The bright promise is that the sickening political union of neocons and evangelicals is over. Free-market capitalism as the answer to everything is over. It is amazing to listen to the republicans in the media fret, and return to the same rhetoric that lost them the election, because the overwhelming sense they fuel is how and why anyone ever listened to them in the first place. Right now Limbaugh is the best thing going for the democrats.

ren, you might as well be telling me that personal liberty, individual sovereignty, political freedom, as a way of life, as the best way for men to live, is over. We may not be free, rational people do not wish it.

OK. I do not understand how you can be exultant over this. We will be speaking past each other in an argument here on this topic. Rant if you like. I don't feel like arguing this.

BTW, sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.

Neoconservatism accepted liberal ends through conservative means. If their really were people in Washington who thought this was wrong, not imprudent or foolish, but wrong then it could be stopped. I just watched a sickening interview today between some fox guy and a run of the mill liberal they ran in to 'debate' to growing influence of the federal government. The liberal was saying that if the government does not act it will be worse, and that only the government could enact change. She then defended the pork in the bill as a positive good, after all who is not concerned with day care centers or the honey bee population. What is troubling though, is that during the entire set piece they both kept saying the government the government over and over like some hypnotist. There is no freeking 'the government' what 'government' is, is a bunch of individuals now deciding how to spend our money and deciding what is good for us. Its not the government, it is corrupt/inmoral individuals doing this. What qualifies these departments of XYZ to spend my money on their pet causes? Stop using the term 'the government' and replace it with a more personal language and you will at least win rhetorical points with the american people because while they may expect/accept being screwed by 'the government' they have a harder time when they realize they are being screwed by Jane Smith.

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