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NASA -- DOD Collaboration?

"President-elect Obama will probably tear down long-standing barriers between the U.S.’s civilian and military space programs to speed up a mission to the moon amid the prospect of a new space race with China."  

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Awesome. That's the best news I've heard coming out of the President-elect's future administration.

Considering the police is now the military, NASA joining in is not surprising. Yay...centralized authority. Now things can get done and we can stop those commies from putting weapons on the moon. I loved the indignation from the military industrial complex over the idea of cutting a rocket program. Mabye we can start selling lots on the moon to create a new real estate bubble. It just seems wierd that in a country where thousands are forclosed on daily and 911 frist responders are denied benifits we are spending this kind of money on Star Wars. Mabye the military can next merge with LucasArts.

You really are a broken record, Brutus. If you haven't been paying attention (and aside from a few fringe neo-Confederate ezines it seems that you haven't) the "Star Wars" program is working. Which is why I think you would be a huge fan - when it's up and running your dream of a pre-WWII isolationist America may be realized.

Gotta agree with Andrew, and it is the best sign yet that the Obama team is in touch with reality when it comes to security policy. This even makes me hopeful that Obama will continue to fund a modest missile defense program (he and the Democratic Congress could easily kill missile defense while the public has its eye on the economy).

The Obama teams concerns about China and the need to protect both the civilian and military satelite networks show serious thought. I wonder what those on the Left who want to "demilitarize" space (which means let our enemies and rivals militarize space while we look on and hope for the best)think about this policy.

Hmm...I've been wondering about something. Has anyone else noticed that having certain traits (such as being black) partially inoculates a politician from utterly stupid PC orthodoxy? Could it be possible that Mr. Obama will turn out to be a sensible executive precisely because he doesn't have to play defense against the idiots? In short, much like a disease that is so effective it extinguishes itself by quickly killing its hosts, has the Left been too successful here?

Or, more likely, he's just a clever man. Much like the proverbial frog, perhaps his intent is to turn up the heat slowly and boil us before we even notice. Can we truly trust all this moderation coming out of his pre-game exhibition?

What would another super power have to gain from nuking us back the stone age or what would we gain from doing the same? Think of all the precious consumers that would be lost. By working, do you mean the soviets have launched missles and we have shot them down? Think I may have heard of that, but mabye its national security and i have no right to ask. If you mean by working, that there have been no missles launched then my lucky rabbits foot is doing the same job at a fraction of the cost. I guess my thinking is that if I had the flu and could afford to buy antibodies for it or I could afford to buy a vaccine for the Henta virus i'm going with the flu meds. I would rather see the government think small first, although i'm sure you can and will argue that every second brings us closer to the brink of nuclear anihilation. The two ideas, Freedom vs. State servitude have seemed to settle on a mean between the extremes and I just don't think that in following years their will be that much a difference between the "free" and commie nations. Please tell me i'm stupid and give examples on this. I guess im too dumb to realize that the best way to protect liberty is lovingly exchange it for security. As for being "neo-Confederate" could you explain that more clearly because i don't think i have made any comments about race and that particular language of Confederate is going to imply that. Is wanting liberty over security making me a racist? I guess I would support state's rights, but I would prefer the term anti-Federalist. Since there are so many wonderful prefixes for conservatism now I think I have the right to choose my own label and if you insist on labeling people then just call me a patriot.

Iran will nuke Israel or one of our European allies (excuse me, consumers) if they thought they could get away with it. As to liberty, did the American Founders allow Torries to walk the streets calling for reconciliation with Britain during the Revolution? Of course not. In times of war, certain liberties must be temporarily restricted in order to maintain sovereignty of the nation which protects all of our Natural Rights.

"Mabye the military can next merge with LucasArts."
That would be awesome!

Anyways, as we are breaking down these barriers, and think it would be wise to move our military space endeavors further away from the Air Force and more into Navy control. We need to start thinking bigger here than just jet fighters that can fly really high; space is the next ocean to be crossed. Better mentality focusing on it as we focus on a navy.

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