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Via George Will: "over the next two decades the average American household’s health-care spending, including the portion of its taxes that pays for Medicare and Medicaid, will go from 23 percent to 41 percent of average household income."

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And what were some Republicans answer to that?

"Health savings accounts!"

Yea, that's the ticket

Rather, what were some Republicans proposing in answer to that.

Here is a proposal. Say no to GMO, get the mercury out of the vaccines, and the sodium flouride out of the water. Its reality mascerading as a conspiracy theory. Those are the main things that are different now than in the past. Cancer is up, people don't live as long if you factor out infant mortality. Stop dumping toxic waste in the water and having monsanto shoot a cow full of HGH so that it gives off four times the milk along with the growth hormones which we then drink and get sick.

"people don't live as long if you factor out infant mortality?" What looney website do you get this stuff from? Life expectancy has been rising in all age groups over the last 50 years.

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