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Mexico’s Social Security agency wins national award for the worst red tape in the nation.

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Wow, I bet they could alleviate all that red tape if they would just privatize their social security system. Talk about streamlined!

They are probably just getting everything set up for the merger with USA and Canada. Once they anounce the formation of the North American Union, which Bush already signed, their red tape will become the norm for us all. The public motto for the new world order needs to be insanity now. Its a glowing refrence to sienfeld and describes perfectly the mentality of doing more of the same and hoping for a different result.

And they're also looking to pollute our precious bodily fluids.

...and by all means, don't let facts such as this stand in the way of your big-government-is-so-inefficient metanarrative.

We have too many Mexicans in this country for our government to work like it does in Canada.

So, Craig, you admit that socialized medicine would throw thousands of Americans out of work?

So, Yersinia, you admit that corporate healthcare is a big, bloated, inefficient mechanism for delivering health services? If an industry can be justified merely by employing a lot of people, I trust you are a supporter of the adult film industry (which is also asking for a bailout, last I heard)?

I'd be curious to know how many of those employees are necessary in order to remain in compliance with Medicare and other government mandates.

I once laughed at Dr. Stanglelove. Still a great movie. How I wish I still thought it was a joke.

The sites are Lou Dobbs and the basic overview of the treaty that was signed. Rember, The EU began slowy with trade and similar agreements. Gradualism is the name of the game.

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