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The Gipper Is Still #1

In the inaugural viewer Nielsen ratings, that is, if not in all other respects.

Story here.

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And I suppose Obama also had fewer people listening to his inauguration on tube radios than did FDR.

(Pssst...the Internet - it's not a truck, you know! It's a series of tubes!)

Actually, Craig, for once you make a good point.

Ah, yes, Craig does make a "good point." America has awakened, and the great "tubes" of mass communication carried The One's message of a massive suffering world, to the far ends of the Earf, I am quite sure.

Forget that a mere 7% US unemployment rate pales to FDR's paltry suffering of 25% unemployed, or even Reagan's half as much. Forget, too, that 2009's zero inflation pales next to 1981's "misery index" horror of 14% (iwith interest rates approaching 20%). Let us forget, too, that In FDR's day, money simply did not exist. Period.

No, "The One" has trumped all all that has gone before us, due not to any sort of "mass suffering" by historical standards. The One, Ms. Ponzi, has trumped history. Period.

That's all. End of story, er, history. :)

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