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Well, That Didn’t Take Long

Senate Democrats, folding in less than 24 hours on seating Burris. I wonder how Lyndon Johnson would have handled this? (Actually you don’t wonder at all--Ed. Of course I don’t.)

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Are Democrats buoyed by the prospect of the next couple of years? I keep getting emails from folks like GOPUSA saying "Get ready for the Great Depression!" All I can think is, personally, I am already having that.

The Senate folded on Burris, but has the Illinois sec. of state folded? Maybe that signature on Burris' credentials doesn't really mean anything? I thought Burris was not senator without it.

Do you wonder, as I do, if the person Blago the Jackass would have sold the appointment to would have behaved much differently than Burris or anyone appointed without consideration? I am speaking of the context of the Senate as much as of Illinois politics.

Consider Harry Reid, for example. Does it make any difference to the politics of the US that he was duly elected? I am having such a hard time seeing Senator Reid as an honorable man. Does anyone know? Is he a piece of mendacity or merely a nasty fool?

I bet LBJ's reaction would have included E. Howard Hunt.

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