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From various recent issues of the Economist: the Chinese navy is operating off the coast of east Africa for the first time since the 15th century; China now has more internet users than the United States; “in 2007, India had slightly more mobile phone users than America and China had more than twice as many;” “the number of middle class people in Asia has overtaken the number in the west for the first time since 1700.”

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China has major interests in African minerals. They have a censored internet, but the people have found ways to get around it via proxies which should signal to our politicians to just give up the dream of censoring our internet no matter the shallow polictical points they can win by overhyping sexual preditors, terrorist youtube videos and intrusive pornography. If they really have that many middle class then the American people have to become aware of this. We can't say that business are leaving because labor is high here and then learn that they are middle class there. That would mean that bussiness is running away from 'Capitalism' and towards 'socialism' minus the environmentalism. Which would mean that our government has officially sold out our way of life and should be prossecuted for treason.

Does this surprise anyone? We've been shoveling capital at China for more than two decades now, and it has eviscerated our industrial economy. I'm thinking that Lenin was correct that capitalists will sell you the rope you hang them with.

WHEN will supposed conservatives start listening to Pat Buchanan?

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