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Apparently the community organizer side of President Obama thinks its a good idea to keep people engaged in the political process by using the extensive contact list it developed during the campaign to keep people informed and energized to support its initiatives. The latest effort in this direction is a series of meetings to discuss how to improve the economy. Since, as we all know, dissent is patriotic, I think conservatives ought to start showing up at these parties and join the fun. After all, lively argument is a basic element of any healthy political system.

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Look how well 'operation chaos' worked.

Conservatives have always been welcome at any Obama house meeting that I have attended. (Of course if you only attended to argue it would probably not be a very productive meeting). There are many, many things that we can agree on and work together to improve.

The house meetings aren't a secret society. I see it more as neighbors and friends setting a time to come together, talk about civic issues and set plans for improvement. Some house parties have been for food drives or planning a volunteer effort to raise money for a local charity.

For the most part it shows Obama's leadership in encouraging people to become engaged in their communities, to be active in civics and to volunteer in their neighborhoods.

Obviously, the more issue or candidate oriented house meetings such as the ones that were specifically to talk about volunteering for Obama during the election wouldn't have been a great fit for a McCain supporter, I'm sure they would much rather have attended a meeting to organize phone calls for McCain.

I expect the house meetings this weekend will be about the stimulus bill, talking about what the bill really contains. For instance, I've seen many people describe it as pork laden.. but from what I understand there are zero earmarks. All infrastructure money will go through traditional grant and loan programs like USDA, CDBG and State programs.

Before this one slips over the blog-fall into the archives...

So, would you recommend that conservatives join in on these meetings in the same way that environmental groups met with VP Cheney when he was sitting down with his oil pals in his "extensive contact list" to hash out energy policy?

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