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"In Stunning Act of Delayed Retribution, First Black President Enslaves All Americans"

A color-blind act, to be sure, from the grace-ful Wheat&Weeds .

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Was this headline supposed to be cute? Or the visceral dog-whistles of the right? Neo-con outrage means nothing in this climate. Go back to demanding tax cuts and deregulating everything. It is so easy to score with sloppy thinking - weren't americans just as 'enslaved' to the terror-logic which saw us totally reorganize the american government in reactionary panic to the Sept. 11 attacks?

Don't use the past tense...we are still enslaved to the terror madness. That is basic race baiting, a tactic that works. It is true however, we are slaves now, but not to a bankrupt government full of stooges. We are slaves to the international banks that have demolished to economy. Laugh, but the people who said this have predicted the past six months over two years right down to oil going to 150 then falling below 50 and the sub prime blowout. The entire world is bankrupt now. OPEC is caught up in the derivitives scheme and now with oil market falling out they will go bankrupt. Dubai is a ghost town with hundreds of abandoned cars in their airport from the people who fled their debts(in Dubia you get the car repossed and then you go to jail.) Now they are saying they need to stave off deflation??????? Wow, based on their track record the stooges are planning on massive stagflation that will make the masses beg for the Amero.

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