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Jindal GOP Pick to Respond to Obama’s Big Speech

This story is almost as revealing about the Democrat strategy to be deployed against Jindal as it is about GOP strategy in deploying him. Politics isn’t going to be boring in the next few years. We know that much.

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Yeah the tone of the story is really something. Who does this Jindal guy think he is responding to Obama what with his messed up state and all? Imagine a 2007 story about Obama that spent at least as much time talking about the corruption of Chicago and Illinois politics (and Obama's failure to take it on) as Obama's charisma.

But the story does point out to both a pitfall and oppurtunity for Jindal. The next couple of years are going to be tough for executives (whether governor, mayor or President)all over the country and if Jindal is seen as having succeded and Obama, not so much, then Jindal is going to be in a good position to get wherever he wants to go. If Jindal can lay out some principles and policies that most nonpolitically obsessed people can understand and then be seen to be suceeding in putting them into practice as governor, that is a really good thing for conservatives in general, regardless of whether Jindal chooses to run in 2012.

Good advice for Bobby Jindal from the ever-sensible Pete.

Anyone besides me think this is a bad thing? I lived in New Orleans during before and after Katrina and saw Jindal first hand - the boy has real leadership qualities.

Why would he chose to be a pawn of the insiders at the GOP and deliver their speech for them? Does anyone really believe that the speech will be anything other than the latest strategery of the Rockefellers? When Pete says "If Jindal can lay out some principles and policies that most nonpolitically obsessed people can understand..." Does anyone believe it's Jindal being anything but a mouthpiece?

I hate to see a good man being sucked into the GOP apparatus. It would have been far better for conservatives and the country (not to mention Jindal himself) if he would have ran as an "outsider" - staying completely away from GOP national politics until the primaries. Even you True Believers have to admit being associated with the GOP can't be a good thing right now...

The long history of successful third party candidates really backs up your point, Christopher.

What about the proud history of puppets turning on their masters? Some would say the whole "bay of pigs thing" showed that won't be allowed to happen.

It really is comments like that where I just laugh. The world is one great dark comedy full of the absurd doublethink of well meaning people. The idea, that we can't support the guy we believe in because he's a third party and can't win. They probably can't win, but at least those who do not abandon what they believe can have a clear conscience. Conservatives and the GOP is like a battered wife who comes back time after time thinking the man is going to stop drinking and never beat her again.

Which guy do you believe in? Which is to say, I can't decide which is worse, being beaten by the guy I know or being beaten by the guy I don't know. I do not see much choice in this matter.

Find a guy who does not beat you, they do exist. The beating was a metaphor for having you beliefs compromised by you support for GOP people. The beating is not loosing or gettting beat in the election, mabye that was not clear. I'm saying its worse to win with someone who you don't trust or believe in than to loose with one you do. What do you get from supporting these stooges who then turn around and sell you out? It's little more than a Steelers fan got on Super Bowl Sunday, only the steelers don't turn around and say now we are going to abandon our blue collar defense and sign a bunch of flashy free agents that will bring in publicity.

Notice I did not say he should run as an indepedant (although I believe he could and be successful) but that he should stay away from the GOP party machine - and enter the primaries as an "outsider" though with an "R" next to his name (sort of like "the Mave"). The very fact that he is delivering this speech reveals he is neck deep with the party indsiders...

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