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Obama’s Secret Plan

Obama is reminding me more and more of the John Cleese character in the Monty Python skit about the highway robber Dennis Moore, who says in exasperation: "Blimey, this redistribution of wealth is tricker than I thought!" But I think I’ve figured out his secret plan: Simply destroy enough wealth and you won’t need to redistribute it. Churchill nailed it with his characterization of socialism: The equal sharing of miseries.

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UPDATE: From Jay Leno last night: The economy is so bad Obama’s new slogan is "Spare change you can believe in."

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Wow, amazing how conservatism is morphing into Stalinist erasure of the past. Some 40% of the nation's wealth was wiped out last Fall. Now we learn that it's Obama's fault.

But, yes, by all means say and do anything that will get your lackeys elected again. They did such a bang-up job last time, we surely deserve more. When will you bozos figure out that your games won't play anymore?

Obama as a true marxist is not a new thought, Red Tory. The far left in this country has been suckling at Marx's breast for decades!

We've many, many problems. This socialist drivel certainly should play no role in resolving any of those problems.

Not a reassuring two weeks.

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