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"The American people don’t care about pork spending"????

I think this is going to come back to haunt Democrats come election time next year:

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What if he is right and they don't care?

Never mind. I hope you are right, though what these people are capable of doing to us in the next two years is astonishing and frightful.

As contemptible as Schumer is, he's correct.

'The American people do not care about pork spending' -- thus we have the narcissistic Chicago thug Obamanation and his Marxist tax cheating cabinet.

Americans DO care about pork spending - that is, when it is spent in communities not their own - when it comes THEIR way, they LOVE it. This is politics. So it has been, so it ever shall be.

Add it to the list.

The pols simply "don't really care" what American's think. That is very clear.

How do we wake up the fools so my children, my grandchilden and their children are not paying for this stupidity?

The thing about it is not so much the words. It may, in fact, be the case that the American people "don't care" about pork spending . . . or, at least, they've become (begrudgingly) accepting of it. They are certainly not surprised by it and, I think it's fair to say, they are a bit schizophrenic about their attitudes depending on whether or not they stand something to gain by the spending. That's only human nature. But Schumer demonstrates in this episode a kind of seething contempt for the people that just may spark some manly sentiment of pride in them--so I think Hayward is right that it may come back to haunt him. Further, he displays a kind of obscene triumphalism in response to his Republican opponents. Obama is prone to tiptoeing around the edge of that attitude as well. They should be wary. Americans don't like that and voters don't tend to reward it over time. They can respect hardball politics but, they rightly mistrust the fellow who seems to make the case that it is his way or the highway. Whatever transfigurative powers Obama's election may have had on the electoral fortunes of the Democrat party, this kind of exhibition is likely to awaken certain bedrock characteristics in the American character that it will take more than a few generations of Obamanation to root out of us. The appropriate response to Schumer that is bubbling in the larnyx (if not pouring from the lips) of every full-throated and self-respecting American is, "Hey, you talkin' to me?!"

The American people don't care to know about it as long as they can make 10% a year in the stock market, buy plasma screens with sears cards and download songs from itunes. People were happy in the brave new world, i doubt they will be as oblivious when they approach Orwellian territory. Mabye the answer is to cling to guns, religion, and taxes. If the masses refuse to pay and they tar and feather or even kill the people they send to collect then the government can't borrow or get money and they collapse. Americans, commoners, non educated, have the same feeling about the government: a bunch of crooks. The lack of faith will crash the regime sooner or later. It is impossible to say what the key elements of the chain reaction that causes people simply say enough and stand up for their rights, but I hope its coming.

"I think this is going to come back to haunt Democrats come election time next year."

No, it shouldn't be a problem. Especially not if the average voter has the same attention span as the (probable) YouTube dittohead who created and posted a 16-second clip that barely contains a single sentence, devoid of context.

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