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Liberalism is a religion. (H/t Instapundit).

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A religion 10 times less dangerous than the milennial madness and crusading spirit of the conservative evangelical plague, such as what was seen at republican rallies against Obama connecting him to Nicolae, the anti-christ of LeHaye and Jenkins, the satan that indwells in the body of the World Potentate.

Liberalism 10 less dangerous than conservatives. Let's hold off on that analysis until we see what religion of LIberalism in New York will do about the beheading of the Muslim woman. As of today - no comments from the feminist portion of the religion of liberalism.....

If "liberalism" is a religion, then "conservatism" is a cult. While even I will admit that the veneration of Barack Obama* goes a bit far at times, and this coming from someone with somewhat liberal views, you ought to read the comments from the redneck loons who posted on the page linked to in this entry.

I have seen several respondents claiming that they would cover Obama books with "conservative" books by Ann Coulter and "her" ilk. First of all, Ann Coulter is NOT conservative. Ann Coulter is fascist. It is funny that Texas, of all places would have a display of Obama implicitly identifying him as a deity, saint, or Bodhisattva. (I think it would be odd for Obama books to be placed under a sing reading "Religion" anywhere in the USA, let alone in TEXAS, AKA Bushistan.) This could be a mistake, but I suspect it is a hoax/prank.

Upon hearing that the local yokels would cover anything remotely liberal with Kkkoulter screeds, I found it funny because up here in the Union, I used to cover books written by their favorite fascist authors with anything else, and not necessarily just liberal books. I even placed Mein Kampf in front of a Coulter rag figuring that the ideology in both works is similar enough. Covering a The Audacity of Hope with anything by Annie "the Tranny" Coulter is like covering center-right works or books by sane, balanced right-conservatives with The Communist Manifesto or Das Kapital.

The problem with my analogy is that moderately conservative authors are virtually non-existent in most major book stores. There is a gap between center and far right. Actually, there are great books written by principled conservatives such as America: Our Next Chapter by Chuck Hagel or The Revolution: A Manifesto by Ron Paul. Unfortunately many so-called "conservatives" ignored such works in favor of the sensationalistic drivel of Coultwhore, Hacknity, Limbaugh the Hutt, Medved the Zionist traitor, and Malkin the self-hating Asian.

I guess the bottom line is the American right is doomed. Which is a good thing and a bad thing depending how you look at it. It is good because the current right wing in American politics deserves to be phased out. But then with a monopoly by the left, or center-left on American politics, there will be nothing to balance out the impending Keynesian mushroom cloud. We need principled conservatives for balance. Seeing as there is nothing "conservative" about the neo-conservative coalition. With the disappearance of the Hegelian overlords in the neocon movement, their base of useful idiots will run amok, divide the party, and further marginalize the GOP.

* I think this video best illustrates my take on the "Obamania" and I agree with the narrator's conclusion:

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