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Here’s an elegantly literary and insightful new blog, featuring Jeremy Beer, Dr. Pat Deneen, Rod Dreher, and other crunchy conservatives. This is not, in some ways, the alternative to Rush that I believe in, although it’s one that has to be incorporated into a larger non-European view of our future. I have, I confess, no front porch--although I do have a screened-in back porch and a couple of chairs (redneck style) in the front yard.

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This is not, in some ways, the alternative to Rush that I believe in,

BAH! As a traditional conservative I myself do not have much in common with Rush. He is a libertarian with a few conservative instincts true, but also a pompous blow hard.

That said, I cringe when I see pompous academics criticizing the man who has almost single handedly revived a true opposition in the second most liberal institution in American life: the media.

Mr. Lalwer, why don't you focus on that little spic in your own eye first. Your little slice of America, academia, is not only the most liberal piece of America, it is probably irredeemably so. As another bloger here posted a few days ago, the only real ray of light shining in your space is the fact that the current economic downturn (along with real private competition) is actually starting to shrink your sector a bit. Thank God!

So instead of trying to find an "alternative" to Rush, why don't you smarten up and try to learn a thing or two from him. Let's be frank - you need all the help you can get...

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