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Bipartisanship in the Obama White House

O.K., I’m being sarcastic.

But what’s next? Referring to the Republican klavern?

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Their lack of class is breathtaking, but should be humbling to those on NLT who swooned over Candidate Obama's intelligence, etc., etc.

If I were to jugdge Obama, I would simply state that he is as dumb as a rock.

He ia in completely over his head and has no idea on how to operate a shoe-shine stand let alone ANY kind of government operation.

He just doesn't have a clue and keeps bumbling along hoping one of the crooks and tax cheaters he appointed to office will bail him out.

One good example of his stupidity is in his desire to make wounded U. S. military combat veterans pay for their medical care. Not even the dumbest of the dumb would come up with that sort of absolute doltism.

The sooner we can find his REAL birth certificate and bounce him out of that office the better for the entire country.

If our Supreme Court had any guts it would rule him ineligible due to the natural-born requirement of the Constitution; instead they let him continue ruining any credibility our founding document has left.

The revolution is coming if he doesn't just go away himself.


Keep fightin the good fight. You don't make your side look stupid or crazy or anything! Keep postin and talking and generally makin your voice heard, man! I hope you make your views synonymous with Republicanism!

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