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Even Bill Galston thinks Obama is doing too much too soon--and not just because he’s fretting about what Obama is doing to his and the Democrats’ future political prospects. Although for reasons other than the ones most commonly cited here, Galston also worries that Obama’s efforts could hurt the nation’s economic situation and suggests that Obama may, in fact, be more like Carter than either Reagan or FDR. An interesting read.  

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The "too much too soon" mantra is but a cloth woven to veil the sad and sobering fact that Obama isn't up to the job.

As for Carter, he had genuine executive experience, for he was a former Governor. Obama on the other hand had a single year in the Senate before campaigning in earnest for the Presidency.

Some of us tried to warn that voting "present" was no preparation for the Presidency. And some of us noted too his flaws when off the teleprompter, when being asked questions that he was unprepared for. But our warnings were unheeded, and we were damned as being meanspirited for even raising them. But now, belatedly, when disaster is staring us all in the eye, the Liberal establishment begins, just begins to conclude that Obama is in "over his head." There was ample evidence available about Obama. Maureen Dowd had questions about him over a year and a half ago, and she wasn't the only one to question toughness, his seriousness.

This drama reads almost like some tragic tale from Tolkien's The Silmarillion. Perhaps it would have been titled: "Of Obama, his unreadiness and the FALL of all Middle Earth."

Obama has predetermined (I don't say destined) himself to be another Carter. He has a big agenda, and he hopes the present economic crisis provides the opportunity to make it real.

The problem is that he ran as Mr. Smith. He can't fill executive positions due to his Machiavellian homespun naivete.

He worked in Washington for two year because his opponent had to leave the race--he ended up running against Alan Keyes in one of the more interesting but assinine electoral competitions in recent years.

Obama wants to remake America, the Congress wants to spend as much as it can. You may think this is a match made in Heaven, but Obama's vision is beyond the petty majorities of Congress. Hence, he will run up against the particular.

All of this may be indicative of the American people's general dependence on federal government largesse. As the belly, they want more meat and potatoes, and as the mind and reason, Obama will break his Lenten fast, New Year's resolution, etc. He'll take the executive power regardless.

His 2d year in Washington really doesn't count, for he campaigned that year. The only real, substantive year he spent in the Senate was the first. Thereafter, it was all campaigning.

I've no doubt he'll blunder, {he's already blundering}. But will Conservatives be in a position to take advantage.

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