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How Do You Tell a Woman Her Baby (in Her Womb) Probably Isn’t Hers?

This case, described by the ever provocative Saletan, certainly highlights the creepy side of IVF. You signed up for the procedure because couldn’t be satisfied with anyone’s baby but your (biological) own. So getting stuck by mistake with someone else’s is the cause of both litigation based on mental anguish and the abortion of a perfectly healthy foetus (who surely would have been loved by his or her biological mom). For any pro-lifer, this case is a horror, but it raises troubling issues even for a pro-choicer. This Saletan is tricky. He’s officially pro-choice, but he’s constantly revealing the moral limits of his position. And he’s on record as saying that surgical abortion will be looked on by future, higher-tech generations as perhaps the most brutal and brutalizing feature of our time. He’s a young man educating the ambiguously pro-life "youth vote."

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Is there any hope that the scientific community and the medical profession (OB/GYNs) will stop inventing ways in which to break the hearts and spirits of the mothers of this country? There's an old-fashioned idea whose wisdom has been stomped - Why do you insist on putting a question mark where God has put a period? Of course, a young woman needs to know if she or her husband (quaint, huh?) have a medical problem that stands in the way of natural insemination. How far do we push that? Please, young ladies, stop being guinea pigs.

A very sad situation all the way around.

Science herself has put a period on when human life begins.

It is called human embryology.

Human life begins with conception ...


And this knowledge of when human life begins isn't exactly something new ...

"In the case of a male embryo aborted at the fortieth day, if it be placed in cold water it holds together in a sort of membrane, but if it be placed in any other fluid it dissolves and disappears. If the membrane be pulled to its bits the embryo is revealed, as big as one of the large kind of ants; and all the limbs are plain to see, including the penis and the eyes also, which as in other animals are of great size."

- Aristotle, Historia Animalium

See what happens when you mess with Mother Nature?

We will see more of these bizarre cases coming up, as man refuses to follow the Natural Law.

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