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It takes a thief

How about making George Soros Treasury Secretary?

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Treasury Secretary doesn't pay enough, and George Soros is currently more powerfull than Geithner(at least in tems of being able to capitalize on whatever system is put in place). Really though if anyone understands finance and currency trading it is Soros. One possible reason a regulatory system won't work is that the folks putting one together in congress and treasury just aren't as smart as the folks exploiting it. At the end of the day does it matter if the game is checkers or chess? The brightest folks will win.

Also isn't it rather funny to follow a post on anti-semitism with a title like "it takes a thief" mentioning George Soros(a jew)

It is not as if anti-semitism in the united states has its genesis in Paul's letters...folks already bypass Paul because he is "sexist"...What H Clinton's economic/strategy guru described as a micro-trend: love/coolness of having jewish close McCain was to nominating Soros and the Open society are seen as exercising jewish control over the democratic party

It is almost impossible to tell where the roots of antisemitic prejudices lie, but the best guess if in fact it is enjoying a rebirth lies in outrage over executive compensation...the sense that the jew/banking folks like George Soros are manipulators of the system...Dow at 11k=cool to have jewish friends micro-trend...Dow bellow 8k=jewish villans.

Of course nevermind that Sarah Silverman is just plain annoying and that John Stuart is funny and even populist about executive compensation.

I had forgotten that Soros is Jewish. I was thinking of his conviction for insider trading, among other things.

Fair enough, still that was in french court back in 1988...the rulling against him came in 2002(which is important). Soros has to be one of the most interesting figures in the history of financial markets...he is up there with Keynes in terms of influence...even when it comes to currency(Bretton Woods), he is after all the man who "broke the bank of england". No one is quite as hated feared and loved by those in the know as Soros.

I also love how Soros simply takes Karl Popper and other philosophers and derives market insights from particular I think Soros is right about reflexivity.

In fact I think that by getting a feel for reflexivity I can time the general sense is that this week will be bearish...I am not as sure of this as I was sure the market would be up last week...but I still think it goes down this week.

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