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Notion for GOP Comeback

It seems to me that if the GOP can turn this simple schematic of the financial sector meltdown into a 30-second TV spot next year, they'll retake Congress.
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Give me a break. Replace one gang of crooks with another? It's pathetic how this blogging group of "political philosophers" are nothing more than a bunch of party hacks. Get a clue - the whole bunch of you - Dems and Reps alike - were at the wheel when this thing was falling apart. Both are equally and fully to blame, along with the spoiled rotten American "citizenry" who will elect any panderer who tells them that they can have their cake and charge it on their credit card, too. Why don't you people here stop carrying water for the pathetic Republican party and get behind some real reform. It's clear that all you care about is getting your team in, so that they can feed at the public trough, instead of the other team. I really don't think many people are falling for this hoax anymore, though I suppose one can never underestimate the self-delusional capacity of the American "citizenry."

Gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face, in 2010 the GOP is gonna win the Congressional race.

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