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The European Parliament has it down! Our enlightened times do not permit members of that body to refer to one another with terms such as Miss or Mrs., Senora or Senorita, Frau or Frauline. Good to know that there’s nothing more pressing in Europe . . . like, oh . . . I don’t know . . . economic meltdown, declining birthrates, or the threat of Islamic terrorism.

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Hey Julie,

I took your advice yesterday and started a user blog over at The Next Right I cross posted some of my second comment on California from yesterday. But don't think you have gotten rid of me :)

Another sinister Orwellian development. Nothing funny about it.

The problem is that since the EU parliament is only a talking shop (the real power of legislation is in the council of ministers) and given that it lacks real power it can only engage in such political irrelevancies. Its like students councils, who having no real power, engage in symbolic political Bull Shit.

These things are not irrelevant. Everything the Orwellians do and get away with must be publicized, denounced and fought, hard. Shrugging off abomination after abomination as liberal silliness has done a lot to get us to where we are today.

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