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The Dangers of Snail Gas

We’ve all heard of the potential environmental hazards posed by cows and their CO2 laden flatulence. But did you know that a bigger hazard is posed by snails? Apparently, they emit laughing gas when they "toot." This is not a joke.

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How to get rid of them?
i am tired of using pesticides. but not able to get rid of them. every day morning till night i have to search every corner of my big house, even in the kitchen room. i am 56, physically handicap to both the legs and one eye sight, moving on wheel chair inside and out side.
my mobile: +91- 9845639198.
Resi: +91-0836-2775841

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Reply to Limka narrate here as comment.
Date: 11-6-2011
My details:
Date of Birth: 14th July, 1956.
(Res) Phone: 0836 - 2775841
Mob: 9845639198
Email: [email protected]
Paper Size: Birds, Trees, Dinosaurs, etc. are
made using A1- Size color papers
& Card sheets as models for
Rest all my Origami, Kirigami,
Pop-Up Cards, & Modular
Flowers & Modular are made
using color A4 – Size papers, &
Add banner papers.
The day I received UGC Grant sanctioned letter 23rd May, 2008, I started working on Origami, and woolen Arts, as part my MRP work to be submitted.

DVDs, Photos, and exact number of my paper Arts and Letters from 2 persons who have excellent credentials, will be sent to you, before 30th June, 2011.

I Smt. Rekha R. Revankar, Associate Professor in Commerce, of Karnataka Arts College, Dharwad, hereby requesting you to kindly apologize for my angry statements. When the person gets surrounded by the ill minded political hell, for nearly more than 46 years, a horrible life suffering, and mind becomes violent, the only alternative left with such person is ‘Pen & Paper’!
Many Text books remained unpublished for not including the unconcerned persons’ names as the authors! This is what threatening I am getting from a particular community in Karnataka & INDIA! Kindly note down “we want your billion worth intellectual mind! We never allow you to publish or do any act!”
Even UGC Grant sanctioned for Minor Research Project titled ‘Women, Religion, Politics & the physically Challenging Women in India’ remained unpaid!
‘A record is a record. Records are there to be broken and made.’
This statement is good in its format, but not in KARNATAKA!
As a result, whatever that comes to mind I go on writing, without any intension.

My interest to enter Limka Book is to create a kind of humor and enthusiasm in the minds of helpless physically challengers and face future with ease.

Writers’ communication is always lengthy.
This is Rekha.
Yours faithfully,
The following address to be contacted now onwards.
Rekha R Revankar
Associate Prof. in Commerce.
'SURAJ' Building,
House No. 27,
Shripad Nagar 2nd Cross,
Ph: 0836- 2775841
Mob: +91 - 9845639198.

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