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Captain freed

After a lovely Easter meal I came to this WaPo report that Cpt. Richard Phillips was freed by the Navy. Three pirates dead, one injured and captured, Navy Seals, snipers, the whole package. Nicely done by the guys on the scene and President Obama for giving them authority to do it. Now I’ll listen to a few Clarence Frogman Henry songs and light up a stogie, while sucking up some coffee.

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What if the AK-47 hadn't been pointed at Phillips? It appears that "imminent danger" would not have been considered to exist. All of the terrorists would have survived and eventually become objects of left-legalist solicitude. What if the terrorists had been a bit quicker on the draw? This is a happy ending except for the survival of the fourth terrorist. But how we got there inspires no confidence as far as I'm concerned. Remember, Phillips tried to escape before, and we let him be recaptured.

Well, they took one of the pirates alive, so the wisdom (or lack thereof) in offering "latrunculi" the rights normally afforded to lawful enemy combatants will begin to reveal itself over the coming months and years as the administration deals with the individuals being kept at Guantanamo and captured pirate types in the manner the Left has been calling for.

"Three pirates dead, one injured and captured, Navy Seals, snipers, the whole package."

Well, not exactly the WHOLE package. Where was Jack Bauer? What about nuclear subs, tanks, Hummers, explosions, some snarling Dobermans, Chuck Norris, Bruce Willis, Rush Limbaugh, a suitcase full of Viagra, and a yacht brimming with cigars, expensive Scotch and bikini-clad girls from Baywatch? Maybe the ghost of William F. Buckley could be helming the yacht, with Glenn Beck as The Skipper? Ted Nugent, Lee Greenwood and maybe the Frogman could provide the soundtrack! Now THAT would be the whole package.

Why would Obama the African allow this to happen? I mean, I heard on FoxNews during the campaign.... It must all be some sort of evil, long-term strategy of his. The anti-Christ works in mysterious ways!

Interesting post, Craig. That's a lot to think about.

Oh, how could I forget to mention something about beef or some other manly meat? Will "The Pendragon of Logres" (aka Steve Hayward) forgive such an oversight?

Let's all try to be nice to Craig. Its a sad day for him since America has come out on top and some of his pirate friends got killed. Hey, now we can send more toxic waste to Somalia!

It's a dark day for Craig Scanlon, which makes it a good day for humanity.

Oh yes, I'm really upset that the hostage was rescued. It's a really "sad," "dark" day for me!

Thanks for the laughs. At least when people have Hannity-on-the-brain they can provide some intermittent amusement to the sane.

Oh, come on Craig, you got exactly the kind of response you were looking for. It's one thing to antagonize people and fish for angry responses, it's another to act surprised when they deliver.

I'm not the least bit surprised, Andrew.

UNC 2009 NCAA National Champs...Outstanding

USA 3 Pirates 0...Priceless

Better shooting percentage than Michigan State.

Oh yes, I'm really upset that the hostage was rescued.

Spare me the faux sarcasm, Scanlon. You're not in the last bit happy that he was rescued. Except to that whatever extent you think it redounds to the beneft of the fascist in chief.

Please keep me posted, John M, on my emotional state. My sister-in-law was admitted to the hospital yesterday - how do I feel about that?

Anyway, now that I think about it, I think the WHOLE package should have also included a GWB encore, with him landing on an aircraft carrier within viewing distance of a mushroom cloud over what used to be Somalia. Naturally, a "Mission Accomplished" banner would have to be hung.

Also whoever said HUSSEIN Obama was an African? That was a lie promoted by the MSM to convince blacks that he was authentic. Like when they printed those pictures of that guy they said was his brother living in that hut. We all know he's more Arab than African. And did you see the way he bowed to that Arab king? There's no doubt about it he's taking orders from the Arabs. That's probably why he went after the pirates. They were messing with Arab business. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

Hal, nice work in that post. Long and thoughtful.

Here's a possible future Ashbrook scholar, and here's what the former cowboy is wearing today.

The kid in that video better watch out or he'll get sent to one of HUSSEIN Obama's re-education camps.

Well, you gentlemen certainly provide some entertaining posts to ready at about 0200, Okinawa time.

Now, onto these Navy SEAL snipers. This article, which Dr. Schramm kindly linked to, seems to imply that the snipers were approximately 30 yards from their targets. Not meaning to take anything away from these SEALs, but 30 yards? Really? There isn't anything spectacular about that shot. I could have done it on an M16A2 on open sights from 300 yards (if the targets were standing still...). Just kidding, not trying to start any anti-military sentiment or anything like that.

Seriously though, folks, great job on the part of the SEALs. They were given clear orders and they performed magnificently. The only problem with this whole situation is that it took President Obama so long to give the orders. I was hoping for some immediate action. I know SEALs are on-call and able to be geared up and mission-ready in about an hour, or less. This could have been handled much sooner.

Wait until the pirates pose a credible threat to the captain? Please. They were a significant threat to his life the moment they took him hostage. Pirates are simply terrorists on the water. If we have learned nothing else these past eight years, we should have learned that terrorists do not think like we do, and have no regard for human life. There is no negotiating with terrorists, even ones who are on the waters.

John Schramm, is that you?? Do you think Jesus would have preferred the M16, as well?

Mr. Scanlon,

Yes, it is me. That is incredible that you remembered some of my earlier posts and pulled them up from four years ago.

I'm not too apt to start a huge religious conversation over the M16. And I am definitely not going to resurrect a four-year-old discussion that does not have anything to do with the current topic.

Maybe it didn't come off as such, but my quip at the SEALs was intended to be a joke. Humorous in nature. They did their job flawlessly and I am not trying to discredit them in the least.

Not easy to forget when someone actually claims that Jesus was really an American at heart. I wasn't trying to kick-start that old discussion though.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised that an Ashbrook (or at least Ashbrook offspring) should find room to take a cheap shot at Obama for a situation that turned out just fine.

I'm also confused why you're in Okinawa.

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