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Obama and Despotism

Here's the view of ME concerning what we really have to fear. For more detail, scroll down a bit to Ivan the K's more nuanced and higher pay-grade post on Bush, Obama, and the politics of science.
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A joke from the first sentence. He addresses his audience in a Hannity-like 'lovers of freedom' phrase. Then he says that Obama's moves 'deprive American of key advantages.' Our country was in the complete doldrums, a malaise that out-cartered carter, from which we have not yet recovered, so very few happened to notice too many of those advantages. Then he says: just wait until the crisis of the social democratic state is upon us! Well, we are in the midst of neocon-capitalist crisis, but wait until we are out of this one and into the next one - boy will we be poised to advance then! Real audacity of hope there. But the real absurdity comes in describing Bush's 'conflict model' of deliberations as if it were some golden age of openness. Are you kidding me? Bush was not the model of exploring policy options and promoting national dialogue. He was an incurious person with an already-established-certainty on anything. But hey maybe his reputation can be salvaged when we read his 'brilliant personal letters' like Reagan. Faced with the oblivion of your party all you can think to write is a clever reversal, accusing Obama of everything Bush was guilty of for years.

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