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Obama Punked Again

First Hugo Chavez uses him to promote some 10 year-old anti-American screed and now the Castro boys use him for a good old-fashioned game of dodgeball. How’s that meeting tyrants with no preconditions working out for you, Barack?

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JFK insisted on unconditional talks with the USSR

The result? Cuban missile crisis because the USSR believed the United States weak due to that talk!

Obama is no JFK, but he exhibits exactly the same stupid thinking.

I think there is a problem with spam prevention on the website.

Is the basic principle behind Obama's foreign policy the audacity of hope? If he can sustain hope in the face of the Castro brothers and their nonsense, then he's got an abundance of it for every purpose.

I read this morning that he is going to take on the credit industry and make it easier for me to spend foolishly. Not only that, but he may force them to wipe some of my past sins away. Given other things, like what is doing for (or to) GM, I think he wants to reform economics altogether. Can the president repeal laws of supply and demand?

I also read that the American people find all of this the right direction for the country. Audacity of hope is contagious. I think caught every other bug this winter, I wish I could catch that one.

Good Cop...Bad Cop? I say as long as Obama has Rush and Fox News his statesmenship is brilliant...Obama needs Rush...Rush Limbaugh, and FOX News are really lap dogs for Obama. Obama can go in and say look Chavez, that book you gave me put me in hot water with Fox News, now I can't give you that deal you wanted because that Rush Limbaugh guy will have my balls for lunch. Obama bows to an Arab prince...knowing it will generate heat...that he can in turn leverage to make great deals. Audacity of Hope maybe, but look I learned all I need to know about politics playing poker with used car salesmen.

Look Obama can only negotiate with "Tyrants" as long as the right agrees to play bad cop...

So Hal Host is an Obama supporter.

Contra Kate, by virtue of not catching the Audacity of Hope you are supporting it.

Hell No Left Turns is the greatest instrument for the support of Obama's foreign policy ever created. And the problem for Republicans is that it really doesn't work the other way...simple minded academics will argue that the disent from the right is unpatriotic...but it doesn't work that way...If you are a bad cop...a bunch of good cops at home simply ruin all capacity to bluff and taking your kids shopping for a cool car...but if you are a good cop then bad cops are actually patriotic/helpfull like taking a pitbull to the car dealership(think of the carfacts commercial with a muscled man with broken glass fists inside a ring of fire). So it is no contradiction to say that left wing academics undermine national security by speaking out(like children tipping hands and revealing your position)...but the left is probably wrong to reciprocate the charge.

The most unpatriotic thing a rightwinger could do would be to give up being an attack dog, but if you want Obama to fail this is what is required. In other words you really need to start singing "Cumbaya", the "interrogators" need to go on strike....and they are thinking about doing so and embracing Obama...which is why Obama's team has released facts showing that some torture techniques were helpfull...those brilliant devils, they make no mistakes!

You see for Obama the worse thing possible is to have popular support that is too high...the ideal popularity is probably in the 55-65 range...enough to be re-elected, but also enough to get criticism that can be used for barganing.

The only way to oppose Obama is to support him. The truth is that good cop works as long as bad cop is around...the only way to stop Obama is for all bad cops to become good.

Yay Obama! Catch the fever Kate.

I am a simple woman; your thinking in that last is too complicated for my simple mind.

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