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President Obama Follows President Reagan

Calling for the complete eradication of nuclear weapons.

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While President Reagan saw SDI as a way to enable us to ban nuclear weapons, Obama wants to ban both nuclear weapons AND the SDI program.

He keeps calling them "unproven". And he's bought into the Russian's terms: a shield is a "weapon", "aimed" at Russia. Is a bulllet-proof vest a weapon?

Total disarmament would have been extremely hard even in Reagan's era. Would China have cooperated? And now Pakistan, India, Israel, and efforts by Iraq, N.Korea, Libya and Syria. Russia seems more wedded to its nukes than ever. And is helping Iran. That's what makes the Russian position so outrageous. They know Poland is not going to invade Russia. They simply want to be able to bully Europe, at the same time enabling Iran to bomb Europe. Not to mention the arms race this might spark in the Gulf.

The image of Reagan as an anti-nuke protestor is delicious, though. If he had gona ahead with his protest, Truman might have labeled him a left-wing nut and ended his career.

Don't be fooled: Reagan believed in "Peace Through Strength". Obama believes in "Strength through Peace".

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