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An interesting question . . .

From Ann Althouse: "Am I the only one who thinks a big wedding is inappropriate for two people who have been living together"?
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Or, for that matter, what about big weddings for two people who have had premarital carnal knowledge of each other?

Richard Adams: WHY is this an interesting question??

Perhaps, likewise, we shouldn't throw big showers for illegitimate babies??! Come on. It's still worth celebrating the couple's formal (and legal) uniting. It's a happy occasion, however long or winding or even ill-advised the road leading up to it.

I think we should have big celebrations for the more than likely divorce that will occur as well.

From Althouse's internal link: "Do I seem like a "social con"? I guess I've got my own distinct mix. I'd say I respect the genuine traditionalists, that I don't seek a traditionalist life for myself, and I tend to scoff at the fence-straddlers. People who live together and then want a big traditional wedding are very conspicuous fence straddlers. Be something! Stand for something! Think! That's my message."

Well, there are fences and then there are fences. Not all differences of opinion are differences of principle, as Jefferson pointed out.


The authors name really sounds like something Bart simpson would call moe's tavern with. Guys...I need Ann Althouse here.

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