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No Left Turns

Caffeine and Contemporary Culture

Ceaser and ME reflect on the enduring merits of MAXWELL HOUSE, and Ivan the K adds some disturbng reflections on the disappearance of the communal coffee pot.

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Wal-Mart sells a really nice french baguette for around $2. The subwars are still going strong,(even if Quizno commericals are a little disturbing/erotic?) but I suppose I should cry crocodile tears for the plight of those hit by inflation which hurts the pocketbooks of those who like to frequent the real patisserie's en france...then again: Alons, Enfants de la patisserie, le jour d'egalite est arrive.

But I think the real libertarian is looking towards India today after those elections, and probably disapointed that he missed a 17% move in the stock market...which makes we wonder about just how much anyone knows about the hell is such a large run up possible in a single day? Shouldn't the market have already priced in the expected election results in India?

Always knew you and Ceaser were a couple of drips!

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