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Happy Mother's Day?

Some people think this is funny. The German word for it is ordinaer.
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What is it? I am Facebook-less . . .

Matt, it is the You-Tube of the president's correspondent's dinner speach. try this.Cheney did not have the benefit of sycophantic audience laughter.

I have an old on my bookshelf titled What's Funny and Why but it does not really address political humor. Has there been a book written in recent years about what "slays" in political humor and why?

I was thinking in particular of the reference to Rahm Emanuel and his propensity to follow the word "mother" with something other than "'s Day."

Utterly classless, in my view.

Eh . . . that kind of political humor always disappoints. My kind of political humor.

Maybe its funnier in the original Arabic.

Mr. Knippenberg - Would you describe President Bush's little comedy sketch at the same dinner a few years back, about how he just couldn't find those darn WMDs (including a short slide show (maybe video?)) - during a war in which American soldiers were losing their lives in a war initiated due to Iraq/Saddam's possession of those WMDs - as funny or "utterly classless"???

Kate, what sort of slip was that? (Cheney wasn't - technically - the president)

Sorry, Craig, I was rushing and my presentation really could have been better. That was a very sloppy posting. I am too busy this week to be good at anything.

Obama was the president speaking at the link I offered. Cheney was the subject of Steve Thomas' comment #2. Apologies, all.

Kate, did YOU think Bush's "Where are those WMDs???" sketch was funny? (I guess Mr. Knippenberg isn't answering)

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