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Steven Levy writes a very interesting article on the possibility of seeing invisible nuance, the CIA, a work of art, a few codes, and an artist. It is wonderful.
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Wonderfully aggrevating. Maybe IQLusion means that the answer is simple and the smarter you are the more difficult it is to solve, like a chinnese finger trap reacting to pressure. I once tried some simple stuff like making up my own artificial language that solved it, and just adding gramatical rules until I came up with an answer I liked. Start with what you want it to say and then work backwards making up gramatical rules until you have it? Or judge that misspellings are part of the artificial language? If it can't be anything classified maybe he used something like the artificial language tests the military uses for linguist or border patrol examinations and just superimpossed it at some level...In other words it is a game where the rules are changed...where it starts off as a chess opening and at some time obeys rules that transpose it into a checkers layout. An artificial language that is itself an artificial language?

If it is philosophical maybe Quine, Whitehead or AJ Ayer?

What are the rules for translating it?

Does the fact that it has been cracked mean that the right answer has been found or does this simply mean that an answer has been found that is not contradictory to the rules used to decode it?

Alright I am done posting until I solve this. But if he used techniques that were known in the 19th Century then the shaded parts might correspond to the faded parts in the Declaration of Independence which was dammaged because of "poor/low tech" preservation methods at the time(19th century). The messages that the high tech folks get point to the declaration, and the declaration translated into artificial language with a complex set of gramatical rules perhaps translated again into an artificial language make up the mural.

IQlusion simply means that they are wrong about how they went about solving, because they were thinking in a modern way...The mural is also in the same proportion as the declaration of Independence 29 3/4"
x 24 1/2"

Someone who already knew put out the myth of there being "no hidden messages in the Declaration"(a la National Treasure) and there are no hidden messages in the Declaration...but this mural is a hidden message form of the Declaration...with fading corresponding to faded portions of the Declaration. Now I simply have to do the hard work of making up an artificial language with translation/grammatical rules, and maybe another artificial language on top of it...and artificial languages can be decoded by pencil...the border patrol and the military give the tests out all the time.

Final Answer: The Declaration of Independence.

The profits of War are the fruits of our labor.

Brutus, should we have fought Germany in WWII?

Short answer: yes. Long answer, no because hitler could have never come to power (mabye he gets elected and the german people did know what was going on at those camps and had no problem with it...a theory a turkish guy I know supports but not really a popular one; but he never could have rebuilt the military) without the money and backing of financial elements that actually came from the anglo-american establishment. Ford played a huge role in rebuilding the German military and the money orginated in loans from banks who are actually located in the countries that then sent millions of farmers sons to die to stop it. It is interesting that you choose this instance though, why not vietnam, cambodia, panama, ect or even some of the wars that happended through intrigue and not the gallant march of our fighting men.

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