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Methinks They All Doth Protest Too Much . . . About Cheney

And Victor Davis Hanson appears to agree. The uproar on the left over his recent interviews is a tell, in my view. People on our side seem to forget (though the smart ones on the the left seem to remember) how admired Cheney was in the 2000 campaign and even--to some extent--in the 2004 campaign. Before the sustained and wild attacks from the left that (largely because they went unanswered) gained some wider acceptance in the popular imagination, people considered that Dick Cheney was a straight-shooter--even when they disagreed with him. He was described as bringing "gravitas" to the ticket and was considered a kind of "grown-up" presence in a (then-young) Bush administration. Now that the real responsibility for helping to maintain American security is off of his shoulders, he is free to speak for himself and to answer the wild attacks. It appears that he means to do it. As Hanson wisely notes at the end of his comments: watch how they distance themselves from Pelosi. In that there is another big tell.
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I'll never forget Cheney's "grown-up" display of "gravitas" when he told off Leahy in a manner that truly reminded me of my days on the school bus.

Patrick Leahy is one of those people who all but begs for such a response. Every time I see him say some smug and smarmy thing on TV, I wonder how he ever gets re-elected. Don't you wonder what he said to Cheney for that man to say such a thing publicly and risk the firestorm? Dick Cheney was a straight-shooter- applies in that case.

Please use a different metaphor for Mr. Cheney. It is as if you are begging for the comedy central joke.

Lefties and their Daddy-Hate. And Cheney was definitely their daddy...

Mention of Cheney is almost as good trollbait as mention of Palin.

So I'm surprised that only one has shown up so far.

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