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This New York Times article floats the idea that Obama (and/or his people) might want "new foundation" as his brand. This, might be perfect, given that his ideas seem so radical even to those who see themselves as New Dealers, for example (Great Society, or New Frontier are not even terms worth noting).

Obama, of course, never simply ignores the imperfect Founders’ foundation of the country, although the imperfections in it need not be stressed by him, that only a transvaluation of values (as Stanley Greenberg implies in the NYT piece) will do. What seems obvious to me is that the word "values" is used much more frequently--and more precisely--than in any other previous administration, and that the words "change" and the words "yes we can" and "audacity" are logically connected to what will become the "true genius of the American people." I remind you of Charles Kesler’s fine piece on Obama back in January.

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Since so few people in America seem to have a clear idea of what our Founder's foundation is, this phrase and whatever Obama intends to make of it could, audaciously, take us anywhere. However, it would make for a familiar and comfortable political place for Republicans to stand, countering with strenuous and old-fashioned patriotism. I don't mean waving the flag, I mean waving the Constitution and arguing about what is valuable to us.

I keep hearing arguments over whether or not Obama and friends are ideologues or opportunists. For awhile I thought that didn't really matter, but given this phrase, it really does.

Better do more than wave it. The ICC is about to make it null and void. Republicans, if they wish to have any chance of coming back in any form other than name only, must start fighting on this issue now. You can't wait until this thing gets throught and then lament. If the public is educated on the true purpose and the implications of the international criminal court being accepted here then they simply won't stand for it and even passing late saturday night won't work.

I think he will do better just to call it "Year One."

I think Jimmy Carter flirted with "New Foundation" in the 70's; people said it sounded like underwear--thus foreshadowing Abu Gharib!

A new foundation means a new founder a la Lincoln. "With the thoughts he's been thinkin' he could use another drink and less Lincoln on the brain."

We don't need a new foundation. We need a New Weathervane--the one we've got always points to himself.

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