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New General for Afghanistan

Here is the Washington Post story on the firing of Gen. McKiernan. He is replaced by Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal. This is the New York Times story on the same. As far as I can tell, this seems reasonable. Clearly, a crisis point has been reached in Afghanistan/Pakistan and a risk-averse all-too-conventional-thinking general is not who I would want in charge. I would want someone who is both aggressive and prudent, and quiet; and who is fully trusted by his men, especially on the most sensitive missions. Here is a brief Time mag profile of the new man in charge. Also related , is this long Dexter Filkins review of Ricks' The Gamble.
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My research suggests that he will be a good general for the oligarchs pulling his strings. He was in intelligence during the 80's in Korea working for the UN. If they ever need leverage he was one of the primary players in the Pat Tillman fragging incedent. Even better yet, he spent some time as military fellow at the council on foriegn relations whose stated goal was the ending of American Soverignty and the implementation of a Global Super State. Now that is change we can believe in.

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