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Me, talking about the environment. Enjoy!

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The earth is resilient - there is no need for all this environmental regulation. Hmm. Hayward is a 'fellow' with the Pacific Research Institute. One of his conclusions is that the Exxon Valdez spill was no big deal, easily cleaned up within a few years. Complete recovery. But then we find that his Pacific Research Institute is funded by Exxon. Hmm. Can't even pronounce 'cuyahoga' correctly, but it has comeback too. The earth is resilient, so too is Exxon.

Mr. Hayward seems to be recycling (well hey, that's something) Rush Limbaugh's old claims (from the "Environmentalist Wacko Tripe" section of his website, also largely repeated in his book "The Way Things Ought To Be"):

"When Mount Pinatubo erupted, [I] made the same point, Mount Pinatubo put more gunk in the air than all the automobile exhaust in the history of the automobile combined. To me it just debunks the whole theory behind militant environmentalism, which is that the only destructive agent on earth is mankind. To say that this is destructive is silly. If you've got to protect the environment and if it's all that's good and it's pristine, how can a volcano spewing sulfur dioxide be considered something that needs to be guarded and protected and worshiped and so forth and so on? It's just a testament to the resiliency of the earth and how we're powerlessness [sic] over it when you get right down to it."

(Well, not really.)

But hey, they were dressed professionally (NOT some stinky, sandal-clad hippie idiots!) and sitting around a big oak table in a studio, a la Charlie Rose. So drill, baby, drill!

Agreed, but this itself is interesting. Homo faber(Detroit) was replaced by Homo crisis(Washington D.C.)

You will have to take my word for it that I wrote a long rant on Homo Crisis, but I realized that this is what Homo Crisis does. In other words I changed the topic in terms of what the environment is and our relation to it. I had a pretty good line and insights about Essurance...but I digress.

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