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Omissions, exaggerations and misstatements

This article claims to illustrate “omissions, exaggerations and misstatements” in former VP Cheney’s recent speech. Frank Rich in a recent column argued that one purpose of Cheney’s recent public statements was to create the possibility of an “I told you so” moment. This is a risk that Obama is running. He should probably be pointing out that even during the Bush administration, even with all the extraordinary measures it was taking, the consensus view was that it was only a matter of time before another attack happened.

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It would be whining to offer an excuse in advance.

Like Al Gore saying I told you so, when Katrina came in. So the modern function of the vice president once out of office is to get out in front of partisan case worst case scenarios. The Worst Case entrepreneurs.

In many ways you can see the Obama administration as a high stakes speculator in the worst case scenarios. More respectfull of Gore's claims but not completly dismissive of Cheney.

Ashbrook is hardly the most right-wing site in existence, but this Tucker clown is a Kossack. What's he doing sucking up to The One here?

This article claims

Ah, the watchdog media, still keeping close tags on the Evil One, while locking their lips tightly to Obamas nether region.

As Cheney says, Frank Rich is one, "big time".

Rich has it exactly backwards: the purpose of Cheny speaking out is to PREVENT an "I told you so!" moment. That tells us a lot about Rich, though.

Obama can easily prove Cheney wrong by releasing all the memos, instead of just the self-serving half he's already released.

But the truth is, if they proved Cheney wrong, they would have been released long ago.

Peter -- I am not sure I understand your comment. Are you saying that to explain to the American people the benefits and risks involved in a decision in order to maximize the benefits is whining?

To expand on your point John Lewis: Al gore is set up to cash in bigtime on cap and trade (he will make a killing of this insane pollution tax because he is invested in the company that will sell these widgets) and we all know that Cheney is in the military contractors. How they can even viel this self interest in worst case scenerio fear mongering is laughable. I guess A is no longer A. I think it will soon be the time for me to go russia and start doing stand up with American reversals.

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