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Pelosi got the brief on harsh interrogations

Behind a log-in barrier, the Congressional Quarterly reports that "CIA records provided to Congress by the nation's spy chief contradict House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's claim that she was never briefed on the use of harsh interrogation methods."
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Would (Could?) CQ publish secret details of proceedings of closed-door committe meetings? Could we have known about the complete contradiction to Bush's "We do not torture." claim simply by checking CQ?

Well, if Pelosi won't tell the truth, maybe GOP Chairman Limbaugh can put on his S&M leathers and waterboard her (Live!! A FoxNews Exclusive!!!) - that'll get answers. Right after Charles Grodin waterboards forthcoming Ashbrook guest Sean Hannity.

I'm fine with Pelosi being impeached though and tried for whatever crimes she had a role in, she'll just have to take her place in line.

Pelosi is clearly in over her head as Speaker of the House. I'm not saying other politicians don't contradict themselves or flip-flop, but it would seem that as the Speaker she could have had the foresight, clout, or power to keep herself out of this. It makes you wonder who is really pulling the strings for the Dems in the House.

Well, if Pelosi won't tell the truth, maybe GOP Chairman Limbaugh can put on his S&M leathers and waterboard her (Live!! A FoxNews Exclusive!!!)

Why don't you go back to shrieking about "niggers", Scanlon? It suits you better than this sort of infantile sexual taunt.

Why even bother floating the idea that she will see any sort of justice. She will need that strong stance on tourture of terrorists when it comes time to move on the "right wing extremists." If you have not learned yet, for every issue there are examples where both sides contradict themselves. I really don't get the whole issue as waterboarding in and of itself probably wielded sparse results (I'm sure we will see the documents of this in 2135 or so.) Why are we not basicly following the 1984 methods if we really want decent information. The entire thing about its not tourture if that was not the intent is some sort of reverse nuremburg defense too. I would love to try to use that after getting picked up for a DUI.

John M - You're making false allegations, and you know it.

I like this piece on the subject. Couldn't Pelosi just say she changed her mind? Couldn't she just say, I thought we needed extreme measures back then, but events have proved otherwise. I see the matter differently, now. Even if she is wrong at least she would not be lying. She can't, because of the political witch hunt she has helped start a' la that last line of Craig's comment #1: hence, her mendacity.

You know Kate, seeing that a strong GOP-conservative alliance went after Clinton for his nation-destroying dalliance with an intern, I don't think you've got a leg to stand on in describing any efforts to indict and/or impeach various pols and officials (over possibly more substantive issues, such as a war based on bogus, sexed-up pretenses and an illegal policy of torture, for starters) as a "witch hunt."

I also don't know what alternate universe you've been living in if you think that
Pelosi "helped start" a "political witch hunt" of any kind. If anything, she did the Bush administration a great favor - in addition to her possible/likely signing off on the torture - by unambiguously putting impeachment "off the table." Actually, the right-wing really should have thanked her! But it is amusing that any movement to hold parties accountable for non-sexual high crimes and misdemeanors is labeled a "witch hunt."

I for one can't wait to see the marketing for the renewed GOP, the Family Values and Torture Party.

Mr Scanlon -- on what basis do you call illegal the interrogation techniques approved by the Bush administration?

Clinton lied under Oath. He also lied to the American people on national TV. He was found in contempt of court.

Despite all the well documented facts, the meme is that the Republicans were against him because he diddled Monica with a cigar.

(shakes head in disbelief).

Why isn't the forum system taking my comment??

Craig, don't you think this revelation makes Pelosi's "defense" of the Bush Administration completely understandable? What I would suggest about her is that when she felt endangered by terrorists, anything, any technique to protect herself (and the nation, of course) was permissible and reasonable. Now, not so much.

Not only is David Tucker's question apropos, but the interrogation techniques being deplored are really nothing special when compared to what is routine on American TV shows like "Fear Factor", as a very young friend of mine who is a fan of that show pointed out to me recently. Define torture, Craig. Is it having your comment refused by a spam-protection system?

Ben Kunkel kindly helped me out once before when I had a comment that mysteriously wouldn't get through (because the system detected "ci_lis" - a favorite product offered by spammers - in... socialism). I'm at a loss as to what it could be this time. Let me try this one paragraph at a time... Hmm....well, I have no idea what's catching it.

Hopefully, this will be resolved by tomorrow. I'm sure all of you fans of my trolldom can't wait to see what I think!

I really think the censorship here is just a case of a free forum that can't have a ton of funds to spend on tech issues. I really did appreciate those comments someone made about where I could buy laptop stuff on the internet, never occured to me to look there before. Does that sort of guerilla marketing ever work?

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