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Ralph Rossum compares Sotomayer with Souter: They’re both liberals, so what’s the big difference? She is younger by 16 years, and much more aggressive. But I think the real ideological disposition regarding race and ethnicity, as Stuart Taylor and George Will note, should be the major public issue discussed. Of course, it will not be a disqualifying issue, but that’s not the point. What the GOP should do is to use the identity politics issue to draw her out, or even better, her supporters (including Obama), and make a powerful and useful political argument against that position. That, combined with how the public will perceive the government takeover of GM, could become major campaign issues. Not only are the Democrats vulnerable on both, but even middlin’ Republicans ought to be able to make arguments on these two matters.

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What a sad statement that HW Bush appointed this liberal to the bench to replace the other liberal to the bench. It's good to see the Dems are not stupid enough to make the same mistake in reverse.

Bush also appointed Souter! But, in this case, she was just a trade-off in a NY political battle between a NY Dem and GOP Senators. Bush just signed off on it, which is how it works on the Dist Ct level.

La Raza member, that's nice. I love the other story about the d-bag gate as well. She upheld the school's right to disqualify someone from class office because they called school admins d-bags on a blog. Now the schools can punish kids for acts outside of school? I guess with Sotomayor we don't need parents and free speech should be punished. Awsome. By all means though, just say nothing, best way to get your message across is to just let them screw themselves. That assumes there will be anything left to inherit.

Of course, it will not be a disqualifying issue, but that’s not the point.

What does it say about the state of the country that fairly overt racism is not disqualifying for a potential Supreme Court justice?

The Democrats have not improved at all on their Bull Connor days. They are still reflexive bigots at the instinctive level.

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