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Charles Kesler on the "First Wave" of Liberalism

Charles Kesler can be seen in the first of a five part interview with National Review Online’s Peter Robinson that aims to sort out--in layman’s terms--the "grand liberal project" of the last century. Worth a look, serious contemplation, and follow up reading.    

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It does not take a five part series to analyze this. The grand liberal project has always been that the "new class" should run the world. Saint-Simon spelled this out over two hundred years ago, and those familiar with his theories will instantly recognize both Obama and our own Matt and Scanlon. Twenty-first century American liberalism and twentith century Soviet communism were just two out of a myriad of ways this impulse can express itself.

The important thing for them is not any specific program of action, but who is running the show. The new class is flexible about both means and ends, but not about its own primacy. Understand this and the strange atraction of Western liberalism for various despotisms, and its feverent ant-anti-communism, comes into focus. The one non-negotiable is the idea that an educated technocratic elite should rule the rabble.

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