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Dioinne Says Rush and Newt Are Winning!

Well, not in the obvious sense. Neither of those old and unpopular guys would have a chancehin heck in an election with our very personally popular president (who, as we can see for hours on NBC, is a handsome, young, classy guy with a smart and pretty wife and a playful yet obedient dog). They’re defining the AGENDA, marginalizing all "progressive" opinion and personalities to the left of the president. The result is that people think it’s respectable to worry that the president might tilt toward Peronism, and it’s already clear that we’re not going to get to benefit from fully nationalized or Canadian health care. Even the fawning mainstream media, E.J. complains, has bought into the subtle conservative bias. Someone might add, though, that this configuration of forces might actually benefit the president, who probably feels good government these days is more endangered from leftist Congressional imprudence than the spectre of Limbaugh or Gingrich sweeping him away. So I’m happy to acknowledge gratefully that Rush and Newt are serving the cause of as good a government as we can get these days, which is not the same as saying that they’re paving the way for a return to Republican dominance.

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I can't open that link. I want to, because the idea that Obama & Co. are being dragged to moderation is appealing. I could use some cheer today both after listening to Peter Schramm's sad song, below and after reading the morning news. I feel like I am watching the modern equivalent of Chamberlain at Munich.

Kate, fixed, sorry and thanks. Don't let the morning news become your bible, of course. My point is not so much that Obama is being dragged, but that perhaps his strategic situation is similar to FDR's, who faced a Republican Party decimated and a crazy left reinvigorated.

How is Limbaugh unpopular? He has a bigger audience than all the cable news people who hate on him combined.

RL's overall approval rating is low, and that's why the Dems. mention him so much.

our very personally popular president

I don't know why you keep saying this. Obama's aproval ratings are nothing special, about average for a President at this point.

A media environment that tilts to the right..." I doubt Dionne believes that for a second. He is trying to be slick in postioning Obama as being in the sensible center between the far left of the Democrats one one hand and everyone to Obama's right on the other. Cheney might actually have restrained Obama on detainees, but on domestic policy , I see Obama getting pretty much what he wants at the moment. Which is more than bad enough for me.

They mention him so much because they know that by doing so it will just take away from any sort of real dissent and Limbaugh is such an egomaniac that he loves it.

so we agree, brutus...

This is what those should be advocating about:

Bernanke has reason to Worry!

(the long term effect of the economy)

Mr.Limbaugh is hated for a myriad of reasons not the least is his honest discussion of what the Democrat Party has become. Anyone who has spent more than a bus ride through a Communist Country has a reason to be horrified at what Obama is doing.

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