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Yeah, Richard, I taught at a school where many of the teachers went to elite liberal arts colleges and thought it was really advanced to bring their post-modernism, post-structuralism, and gender studies into the high school classroom to show kids the "other side." What the classes inevitably became was a soapbox for the teachers to beat the drum of their ideological and political views into the students. The students generally weren't buying, though they won a few converts. The classrooms became political and antagonistic, without intellectual rigor or reference to sources. It was time to yell out your ideological opinion and preference like Oprah on steroids. Horrible, horrible way to teach. The kids walked into my classroom and appreciated readers the sources and mulling them over with me and their classmates, proposing answers to difficult eternal questions about the human condition. They were thankful for an environment in which they could freely engage in serious debate and have rigorous demands placed upon them.

I think you just described the way that politics is presented to the public. antagonistic, without intellectual rigor or reference to sources.... Sounds about right that our thought control gulags are teaching that mentality rather it is intentional at lower levels or not.

Right on target, Brutus. By the way, I forgot to mention that one of the most notorious classes I encountered was "de-constructing gender," though God only knows what that means.

I heard today that the propoganda film 2100 done by ABC which basicly is another thing saying people are bad for the planet and there are too many people and carbon (which plants breath) is bad ect ect is being shown at schools due to grants for this endeavor. It seems the only thing that is not presented in a WWE style where yelling and aruguing based on emotion rather than thought is the New World Order anti human agenda.

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