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Gloomy Sunday

I came across one of the most miserably sad tunes ever devised by the mind of any poet attempting to give word and sound to sorrow. It made an hour into ten. Here are the original words to the song (in Hungarian and English), and then here is the Americanized version (different words, plus an ending that changes the gloom to but a dream; how un-Hungarian). Now for the singing of it. Here is the second version (the one used by Billie Holiday, Elvis Costello, et al); I�ll use the Sarah McLachlan version. For the first (see the English translation for the "original words")--in Hungarian I�ll use Poka Angela

(in Hungarian last names are first). Listen and let this grief speak. Here is the Kronos instrumental version.

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I thought you would be opening some competition for the saddest song with this post. Maybe this one wins. I have nothing to top it. I don't know why this song always moves me, makes me sad, except perhaps that it springs itself out of the music hum at stores when I am shopping and makes me notice it. I don't need to be made sad when choosing oranges. When I was very young, I thought Hank Williams sang the saddest songs.

Never mind, "Gloomy Sunday" may top all. I have to find it for my Ipod so I can hear it later -- as if I need it.

You must have posted this too early in the week for people to think about entertainment issues. Or maybe no one can top this.

I went to post this and the Captcha was "Rubber Sabers" which might be what sad songs are.

Sad and touching song indeed.

Perhaps you're already aware of this piece by Johnny Cash- a rendition of the song "Hurt" produced shortly before Cash's death? The accompanying music video consists of a plethora of images from Cash's life. The effect is profoundly moving -- Cash's solicitude of Christian transcendence, American piety, etc. Here's an excerpt from from some interesting thoughts about Cash served up yesterday at Big Hollywood website (Andrew Breitbart's excellent new project):

"Producer Rick Rubin [ . . . ] had picked Johnny up, dusted him off, and presented him to a new generation. The collaboration produced the critically acclaimed American Recordings albums, of which When The Man Comes Around is the best.

Johnny and Rubin especially received accolades for their haunting rendition of Trent Reznor’s Hurt. The video for Hurt is a shocking piece of film. A montage of images spanning Johnny’s entire career show his descent into frailty in all-too-vivid detail. It is sad, truly sad, to see a great man, any man, sink so before your eyes."

More here:

Try this one on for size

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