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No Left Turns

Inflexible Idealism vs. Inflexible Realism

CEASER explains that Obama’s approach to the crisis in Iran is a dishonorable overreaction to Bush’s somewhat excessive zeal to push democracy everywhere. The truth is being honorable and principled is sometimes the most pragmatic policy, and the real choice is not between humility and hubris. JWC, unfortunately, does not tell us what we should actually be doing right now when it comes to Iran.

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Figures. It is Bushs fault. As usual. Doesn't this clown ever take responsibility for his own actions? (Or lack there of)

All I see are alleged foreign policy experts parsing presidential phrases, or weighing to a nicety the degree of emphasis that should be placed on some clause that's already a conditional clause.

We have before us an opportunity not seen since the fall of the Shah, and what's Washington doing during it all? Nothing. Absoluely nothing.

What will be the verdict of history on our inaction, our deliberate and purposed passivity?

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