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Reflections on the End of My Government Service

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A good piece, Peter. Thank you.

Nicely done, Peter.

Who better than Peter to warn us about (and against) the tyranny of experts, the limits of science, and the inescapable moral dimensions of democratic life? (Well, I probably should acknowledge Leon Kass & his crew Cohen & Levin, Ivan the K., theweeklystandard folks, everybody who has seriously studied the affinities of progressivism and technological science, and many others ... , but this is Peter's turn at the podium.)

This comes across as small minded and sour grapes. Does anyone in the country think George W. Bush developed a national dialogue on anything? The most monological president in history sprouted evangelical monologists as far as the eye can see, who praise themselves as 'fair and balanced' just by their having graced us with their presence.

ren, my grandmother, who had a good sense of these things, often wisely repeated the bromide: you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. Please read the reports that were generated and published, then tell me that in obvious and many ways they aren't fine specimens of democratic consultation, deliberation, and open-mindedness.

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