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Is one consequence of the plunging economy likely to be the forcing of gritty, edgy, independent "artist" types to actually adopt the lifestyle of sacrifice and hard knocks that they advocate and glorify? This article about the decline of "trustafarians" (gotta love the term!) suggests that it is. Good to see that there is at least one area of common agreement between hard-working middle class Americans who expect their children to grow up and take care of themselves and the more authentic voices of those who might be seen to be "counter-cultural." It makes one wonder who the real bourgeois and the real bohemians are . . . and also if, in America, there really is that big of a difference between them.

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Mabye the trust fund kids will have to go back to becoming courtiers like the renaissance. All that would be required is to actualy learn something, or at least enough to sound like they new what they were talking aobut. They already have the manipulative traits outlined by Castiglione down pretty well since they can talk parents into subsidizing fluff.

“Katie Deedy, 27, an artist, works two bartending jobs to shore up her designer wallpaper business… she described how refreshing it felt not being the only local resident trying to live on less.”

Isn’t this the perfect definition of socialism – everybody equally miserable?

"Isn’t this the perfect definition of socialism – everybody equally miserable?"

Yet this woman and her friends don't live in a socialist country.

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