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Sometimes the Truth is Caked in Humor and Absurdity

I can’t stop laughing about this post from Rich Lowry over at the corner. Apparently the folks over at the Huffington Post were perplexed by a National Review cover depicting Sonia Sotomayor as Buddha--complete with the caption: "The Wise Latina." The genius over there at HuffPo, viewing the world through the same broken prism of identity politics that seems to be the rage among today’s hip Supreme Court nominees writes: "It seems that the National Review has confused their ethnic stereotypes, or their religions, or maybe they just wanted some sort of two-fer, because their ’Wise Latina’ cover story presents Sotomayor as an Asian, in some sort of Buddhist pose." In noting HP’s apparent ignorance of Buddha’s association with wisdom, Lowry wonder’s, "Can they really be this clueless?" To which I say, in remembrance of David Carradine, "Ahhh, grasshopper. Yes. They can."

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Savage is right - Liberalism is a mental illness.

Carradine was found with a rope or something like that around his neck and his penis.

Thanks Dale.

Thanks for the rest of the story (Where would we be without you stripping this of any dignity Dale?), I want to suspect some sort of foul play and a cover up, but you just never know. I had a teacher take his life in grad school and I had no idea he was depressed at all. It is a very sad thing.

I will turn the point of the post around on you though to play devil's advocate: Don't conservatives know enough about latin culture to use a symbol from it to depict sotomayor? I do agree, it is funny to see how important race politics has become in defending the left's choosen ones. I have no problem with them defending their ideas but using race as a cure all is quite a cop out.

That wouldn't be Rich "Starbursts" Lowry you are talking about, would it?

Buddha practiced non-identity politics.

The ignorance in this instance is doubly profound. Latinos are an amalgam ethnicity -- the base genetic stock (Amerindian) came guessed it...Asia. One of the sad things about contemporary "identity" politics is that its advocates are so often ignorant (often profoundly ignorant) of history.

I think the point was that it never seemed to occur to the HuffPo folks that wisdom transcends ethnicity. The question now appears to be whether wisdom can transcend liberalism. In this fellow's instance, the answer appears to be no.

Jonah reminds us of what a truly offensive and racially charged magazine cover looks like. No surprise in this corner that it did not come from a center-right publication.

Covers sell magazines. I am unsurprised, identity politics or no.

Thanks for the Eugenics lesson. I was trying to stay within what is considered culture and away from race in a race baiting argument. Does anyone know of a Latin American symbol of wisdom though, I am sure they exist but I don't really know of them. I really doubt the liberals who were put off by the use of Buddha would know any either.

Wow, I was joking earlier now I read that a guy interviewed on CNN says it could not have been suicide due the tying of the wrists and the actor was interested in investigating and disclosing secret societies. Yikes.

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